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This generator has been installed inside a barge that is offshore for one of the biggest fish farm companies in Scotland called 'Scottish Salmon'. Andersons` highly skilled engineers retro fitted an auto start time and load contactor so it only runs when required ( 12 hours per day ) for fish feeding

 a 220kVA Doosan powered gen-set at a sand Quarry in Dunoon to run client`s plant as a prime power




Installation of a 200kva in Shetland used as back up for a fish farm hatchery for the event of a mains failure

AKSA STOR PROJECT - 2 x 770 kVA Doosan Powered Gen-sets - ComAmp InteliGen NT


                                   " The gensets are installed at our  Taylor Lane site and operating under a Short Term Operating Reserve contract with National Grid.The purpose of STOR is to provide National Grid with additional power at very short notice (typically at less than 20 minutes notice). In a world where energy supplies are increasingly being provided by erratic forms of generation (e.g wind power and solar power), there is an increasing need for rapid power response to fill the gaps when the wind does not blow.AKSA diesel gensets are ideal for this application offering delivery of power onto the grid in the shortest possible time. This combined with the competitive package that AKSA and Powerland offered made their gensets the best choice"


Graham White

Managing Director

Power Balancing Services LTD




Aksa APD66P SECURE UNIT Generator

UK built 66Kva secure unit housing an Aksa APD66P silent diesel generator.

Fully weatherproof with a 1000 litre bunded bulk fuel tank. The generator will run for 10 days on full load, you don't even need to open the doors.

Low fuel warning and low fuel shutdown fitted as standard so you will never run out of fuel.

Distribution board can be mounted anywhere inside or you can hard wire straight into your building. Corner lifting points and also fork pockets make this easily transportable.

Generator protected from theft and damage wherever it is situated.Can be painted to match your company livery.This is a 60Kva, we can build these from 10kva up to 250kva

Typical delivery is 5 weeks subject to availability.




Logistics standby power package in the Midlands -

There is a huge difference, in the logistics and delivery industry, between just in time and just too late. In fact clients may impose penalties for late delivery of parcels, and being very aware of this ethic AKSA took special precautions to ensure that their power generation package was delivered to a Logistics Centre in The Midlands well within the delivery time specified at the outset. Installed via a local specialist provider two generating sets form the standby package for the main site which stretches almost half kilometre and an area equivalent to 19 football pitches. Powered by Mitsubishi 16 cylinder diesel engines and coupled to Stamford brushless and self-exciting alternators each unit produces an output total of 4200kVA, which is almost 4 megawatts of standby power for the site. The specifications include low noise acoustic enclosures and Deep Sea synchronisation equipment. This was a signature project enabling AKSA to demonstrate its ability to work to stipulated project deadlines.

Each Mitsubishi drive unit generator weighed 10 tonnes


Phase 1 opened in Q4 - 2014

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