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AKSA STOR PROJECT - 2 x 770 kVA Doosan Powered Gen-sets - ComAmp InteliGen NT


                                   " The gensets are installed at our  Taylor Lane site and operating under a Short Term Operating Reserve contract with National Grid.The purpose of STOR is to provide National Grid with additional power at very short notice (typically at less than 20 minutes notice). In a world where energy supplies are increasingly being provided by erratic forms of generation (e.g wind power and solar power), there is an increasing need for rapid power response to fill the gaps when the wind does not blow.AKSA diesel gensets are ideal for this application offering delivery of power onto the grid in the shortest possible time. This combined with the competitive package that AKSA and Powerland offered made their gensets the best choice"


Graham White

Managing Director

Power Balancing Services LTD